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What Is House Render?

House rendering in London is a process that involves doing an external wall covering designed to protect the exterior exposed walls of a house from rain and cold weather, with external rendering on all London properties finished with a top coat of paint to reduce the chance of the render layer from cracking and damp penetrating.

Rendering external walls on London buildings helps negate the amount of weather damage and erosion a house undergoes, with a layer of cement, lime, or modern resin-based making a smooth render.

House rendering in London not only increases the life expectancy of the building, it helps reduce maintenance costs on the exterior of your building. When rendering external walls on London structures the amount of protection afforded by it relies on the house render materials, the quality of the work, and of course, the  local weather.

A quality house rendering in London will have to consist of cement, lime, or resin base powders or liquids, which when mixed with water, or other chemicals form a paste-like substance. The paste is then smoothed over the walls, using hand tools such as a plasterer’s trowel, to create a barrier layer impervious to water.

High Quality Smooth House Rendering

When it comes to house rendering in London, TJ House Rendering has the name that says it all and the reputation to match. Our years of industry experience ensure that all our external rendering is done to standards that lead the way in our industry. We know that all our clients want smooth rendering on their property, which is why our team uses only the best quality materials and the finest techniques, delivering smooth rendering to all our London clients, that is our professional promise. Getting a smooth render finish makes all the difference to both the aesthetics of a building as well as the durability of the work. Put simply, the team of house rendering experts that TJ House Rendering is proud to employ make it their focus to deliver smooth render every, with no room for compromise and no chance of anything other than the smoothest render possible.

Benefits of House Rendering
London Properties

House rendering in London can be done on a fixed budget
House rendering your London property offers you a wide range of paint colours
Rendering external walls can help you cover mismatching brickwork, cracks, stains
House rendering can provide a direct defence against moisture, damp, and mould.
Rendered walls are adding a serious aesthetic improvements for your London property
House rendering provides economic improvements to the property, including increased sale value.

Reasons for House Rendering London

Rendering external walls on your London property is often based on the major benefit of increased weather resistance of the property which in turn, lower the necessary maintenance costs.
Exterior wall rendering in London is important as the outer layer of your house can be quite porous, which is why, as an experienced house rendering company in London, we advise high quality house rendering to stop moisture getting through. House rendering helps to reduce the amount of moisture that is absorbed into the blockwork.
With insulation and environmental concerns so important to many, a house rendering job at your London home will include a range of additives within the formulas that increase in the insulation levels of the property. This kind of external walls rendering at your London home can help you save money but decrease the environmental impact of your home.
Rendering external walls in London uses more modern techniques and materials these days, such as a resin-based polymer, acrylic resins that provide a higher insulation rating than their cement and lime-based counterparts. Quality external rendering work minimises the risk of damp penetrating your walls, as well as preventing damp and mould.
Doing house rendering on your London property provides a safe, solid barrier against such issues, and as a high end house rendering company in London, we are on hand to provide top good quality, external wall rendering work that will not allow damp to permeate the exterior of the home.

What Does House Rendering London at Your Property Entaill?

Understanding the process of house rendering, or external wall rendering on your London property is key to the success of your project. Here are few pointers from TJ House Rendering:

Wall Preparation

When it comes to house rendering, London homeowners should always understand the importance of preparation, with particular attention needed with regard to the structural stability and any repairs made to brickwork. Any external rendering of the walls finish is dependent on the quality of the walls that the facade rendering work is being done on.

External Feature Preparation

Alarm boxes, drainpipes, and weather flashings should all be removed before any external rendering, London property owners must do this before work starts. To achieve a smooth finish when rendering external walls, complete with clean edges and corners, an external bead of metal is attached to any corners, sometimes around every door and window frame.

Insulation Options

At TJ House Rendering our team offers an insulated render system for London homeowners, where we apply a base insulation layer before applying your chosen render, usually in the form of sheets, or block cladding. For this insulated render system, London clients should carefully consider the method chosen to affix this insulation as this can affect the application of your house render.

Render Foundation

At TJ House Rendering we believe that a good foundation is critical for all house rendering. London customers deserve the best final product, and our top quality house rendering involves the use of a render mesh embedded into the first layer of render applied. For all our external rendering, London properties get the benefit of this mesh reinforcing the render from cracking and stress, allowing one or more thin coats to be added on top.

Render Layers

For all our house rendering work in London, the number of layers of render varies and is dependant on the materials chosen and the desired finish our clients request. With external rendering, London teams use materials including polymer cement, silicone or acrylic.

The Finish

For external rendering, London clients often want and request a render that has a modern resin base, often pre-coloured on arrival. For those not using pre-coloured render for their house rendering project in London, a final coat of primer is used which is then followed by painting render. For an exceptionally smooth external render, London properties get a coat of primer and paint to seal them.

Final Touches

Once the external render has cured and the paint dried on any painting render, London homeowners must reattach drain pipes and external features removed earlier. With TJ House Rendering, London customers can expect this house rendering process to take approximately three to four weeks to complete, depending on the size of your property and external render used.

Smooth Rendering London: TJ House Rendering, Setting Industry Standards

When we do house rendering work in London, we do it in a way that is unrivalled in the industry. Durable, superb to look at, all done at a price that our customers appreciate, that’s how we work and that’s what we deliver. Our experienced professionals have a portfolio that showcases their external render work across London, showing just how smooth rendering should be done, and highlighting why so many customers trust us to do their house rendering projects. With our high end materials and advanced techniques, our smooth rendering is superior to what other companies may do, with the benefits there to be seen and appreciated for a long time afterwards. As well as a team of experienced house rendering professionals, we offer full customer service that includes an industry leading guarantee that your house rendering will deliver the smooth render finish that you expect and deserve. To enjoy a smooth render finish on your London property, contact TJ House Rendering today.

Some of external walls rendering works

Are My Walls Suitable for House Rendering London?

When it comes to house rendering on London properties, the questions that need to be asked are whether the walls are damaged or eroded, whether the walls have a render coat already,  are the walls of your home already glazed or painted. and what is the structural condition of the walls?For most house rendering work, hiring a surveyor, or even getting a rendering tradesman to quote you a job can answer most of these questions.

As a house rendering company, we know that sometimes people want external wall rendering by way of an upgrade over their existing render. In these instances, a full render removal can be done before new materials are applied .Depending on the age and quality, a painting render can be done. Exterior wall rendering involves a hard, inflexible layer, so requires structurally stable walls. making it essential to have a qualified professional survey before house rendering is done.

Is House Rendering London Worth Doing?

Doing a house rendering project on your London home could increase its overall value.When you factor in the protection you’re providing the building from weathering, erosion, and damp, followed by the reduced amount of maintenance a rendered building will face compared to a non-rendered property, and the aesthetics of the finished job, you will soon see the value of rendering external walls and the true value of an insulated render system. Add to that the aesthetic improvement you get with a facade rendering, for example, and the benefits of house rendering start to make you understand why it is worth it.

TJ House Rendering:
Providing Full Damp Protection House Rendering in London

One of the primary reasons for ensuring that you get the best house rending available for your London property is avoiding damp issues. Without doubt, the damp issue is one of the most concerning factors for every homeowner, especially in a climate like the UK. 

Whether it is your new home or old home, the problems with water penetration are sure to pop up on occasion, something you can avoid by having rendering on external walls on your London home that offers full damp protection, which is what we excel at. 

House rendering on London properties helps to create a layer or barrier on the wall that does not let the water ooze in. As long as the rendered wall is not cracked (which does not happen quite often!), you can be sure about the fact that no sign of water penetration will be found.

With high end external rendering, that we do all over London, the damp proofing renders for exterior walls means removing any bitumen and replacing it with a lime render and paint that is breathable.

When is the Best Time To Render a House?

When it comes to house rendering and external rendering in London, it is highly recommended by our team of leading industry professionals to do the work during the spring season, as this is when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold for hydration to occur properly.

With that said, external rendering can actually be done properly all year round if that is what your schedule demands or requires.. For all external rendering work, you just need to follow the given tips and recommendations below in order for the rendered walls to dry properly, that’s our best advice…

If you are doing external rendering on your London property walls during the cold season it is advisable to use a quick dry render mixture in order to adapt to the cold weather. This is because quick-dry render mixtures have a faster curing time than other render mixtures available in the market which makes it more appropriate to use during cold seasons. For external rendering and house rendering done during the hot season, it is recommended that you start rendering your walls early to avoid the exposure of the render mixture to direct sunlight.

Tips on Rendering during Hot and Cold Seasons

When it comes to house rendering in London during the colder months and seasons, our external rendering experts always advise the use of a quick dry render mixture in order to adapt to cold weather. With this kind of house rendering, you can use a rendering accelerator to reduce the drying time of render mixtures and to quickly eliminate excess moisture on your walls.

For external rendering on London properties during warmer months and seasons, we advise rendering your walls early to avoid the exposure of the render mixture to direct sunlight. Applying render mixture during hot temperatures can cause render to dry out too fast, with cracks and patchy finishes, not a great look when rendering external walls in London.