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What are Render Brick Slips?

When doing jobs that involve brick slip, London clients can expect a quick and cost-effective job as this material lends itself well to finishing the exterior of a home. With this brick slip, London homes can achieve a modern looking interior without the trouble of having to construct a wall. As well as being a swift and seamless way to reinvigorate your older home, brick slips are versatile when used in new homes too. Brick slip work replicates masonry and delivers the appearance of conventional bricks, and can also be done to a variety of styles and colors for a contemporary and traditional look.

What Makes up a Render Brick Slip London?

When our brick slip installers in London do their work, they will always use a thin strip of material forming a slip that is manufactured in one of two ways; one is a modification of the process for conventional bricks, which makes for a cost effective product, the other option is that the brick slips can also be cut from the face of standard clay bricks. Sometimes known as real brick slips, this traditional method is considered preferable and more authentic in terms of brick slip cladding. Most brick slips and brick strip claddings are made up of conventional metric dimensions (215mm wide and 65mm high) which fit perfectly alongside previous real brick installs.

Brick Slips London: How do they work?

Doing brick slip work on London properties involves using a special rapid adhesive that is applied to set the brick slips in place. Our brick slips installers start with corners or at a clean edge and, depending on the set up, they will manually measure the grout lines with spacer units. 


Insulated Brick Slip Cladding in London

Brick strip cladding in London is commonly used as a finish for exterior wall insulation, where, either the units are connected to the substrate delivered on site or as a pre-insulated cladding panels. For brick slip cladding, both options are excellent for  retrofitting existing solid walls to reach modern standards of energy efficiency while keeping the brick facade. 

Brick slip cladding is also suitable for new buildings, especially where a masonry finish for desired construction looks, such as wood frames, insulating concrete form, solid wall and structural insulated panels, giving the homeowner the opportunity to reduce wall thickness compared to traditional brick and block so it is possible to gain valuable internal space. Contact TJ House Rendering to find out more.

Some of external walls rendering works

Render Brick London
Combination of Different Products and Features

When it comes to render brick work in London, it represents what we consider the middle ground between a coloured rendered finish and brick a brick slip finish on both aesthetic and cost. 

Brick slip work across London is a system that is applied in a similar way to coloured render, though in this case,  once the  brick slip render finish has been applied and is still wet, the brick pattern is carefully cut out to the required design leaving the brick effect.

Having brick slip no your London property offers benefits that include: 

Brick slips on London properties have the advantage of being thin, making them absolutely ideal for giving an existing facade a fresh new look. When compared with full facing bricks, you can quickly reduce the wall thickness by 8 cm with brick slips. This gives you more room for insulation.

Once complete, you will not be able to distinguish the brick slip cladding from a traditional brick wall. 

Great Range
Render brick work allows us to provide a wide range of customer options. We not only provide cut brick slips of all facing bricks, but a contemporary and complete range of even smarter and sustainable ECO brick slips.

Ideal Combination with Insulation
Our brick slip installers in London can do this work quickly, as it can be bonded straight on to insulation panels. Insulate and refresh your facades in one step.

Easy Installation
This kind of brick slip work, popular in London, can be installed much faster than full bricks. And all without additional modifications to windows or doors.  

Multiple Applications
Bricks slips, on many London properties,  are ideal for ceiling coverings and corbelling.

Can Brick Slips Be Used In a Fireplace?

When it comes to brick slip work in London, one of the questions we are asked quite often is whether our brick slips can be used in a fireplace alongside a wood burning stove.

Put simply, the answer to this brick slip question is “yes”.

When you get professionals to do brick slip work at your London property, you will appreciate that this kind of brick slip cladding is the perfect way to achieve the look of an original brick fireplace, especially when you use some stock from our  with our reclaimed selection, things like reclaimed barnstock or reclaimed tudor brick slips.

Most of our brick slip clients in London want to achieve an authentic looking fireplace that replicates the original style. Brickwork can be quite rough looking when exposing an old fireplace, but a rendered brick job can make it look stunning. Using brick slip cladding in your London home can give the a stunning fireplace. 

FAQ About Brick Slips

When it comes to brick slip work in London, whether you need to seal them completely depends upon the application of the brick slips and in what context they are being used. When you are using them for a wet room or a shower wall it would be highly recommended to seal the wall to stop moisture ingress. The easiest way to do this is by the use of epoxy resin during your brick slip work.

For all our brick slip work across London, any bricks that are deemed to be damaged during transportation to the plant are removed from the facility, then run through a mill and get ground up to go towards hardcore for building foundations.

For a lot of brick slip projects in London, the answer to this is a resounding yes. With a fine quality control line of brick in place, we guarantee every reclaimed brick slip that we source and use is of the highest quality available and more than capable of making the grade for manufacture.